Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tea for two...

It was time to try out some 3 dimensional quilling on my own. So I decided to try making a tea set.

For the tea set, I have used 3mm and 1.5mm hand cut blue strips.
A front view of the tea set. As you can see the outside colour of the teacups looks different from the inside colour. That's because I have painted the finished pieces with Fevicryl Pearl Blue paint.

And of course the lid of the tea pot does open! It fits in snugly with a tight fitting when closed so even if you invert the tea pot, the lid will not come off.
A close up front view of the pot.

 And the lid of the sugar pot opens too. You can visualize the size of the set by comparing it with the pin head in the picture.

A close up view of the tea cups.

I had initially painted the spoon blue too before realizing that it is the silverware! So you still see a lot of blue under the silver tint in the spoon.

 And of course the table is also quilled. I have used hand cut paper strips here that have the while showing through the edges. Hence a very matte finish.
 The table view from side.

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  2. Thanks Sumedha! You have a lovely blog too. Good luck with your new hobby!


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