Thursday, March 21, 2013


I broke a glass plate...

Uh...ohh! That was my first reaction when I heard the glass shatter behind me. The plate was on the chair next to the swivel chair I was sitting on. I had kept the plate on top of a heavy book that was on top of a box holding my quilling and all of this on the chair next to me. When I had turned my swivel chair it had set a Rube Goldberg's  reaction (look up Rube Goldberg on internet if you haven't heard of him) finally resulting in the plate falling down with the heavy book lying on top of what used to be once upon a time a glass plate.

My initial Uh...ohh reaction turned to a WOW when I turned my chair to look at the remains of my plate. This is what I saw!

The glass pieces had spread all over the room reaching every nook and corner, making a pattern. If I would have been a scientist, I would have come up with a whole lot of physics calculations and theories about the pattern the glass pieces made on the floor.

But being of an artistic mind, I thought I had to use these pieces for a work of art. So I got a broom and very carefully collected the shattered plate.


I took out a canvas, some of my pre-quilled pieces from the pile of boxes (yipeee... I used my quilled pieces this time), gloves, quick fix glue and set to work. Here is the result! All the quilling work here has been done using the comb except the tiny leaves that have been quilled with the slotted tool. The vase has been made by weaving with quilling strips! The canvas size is 32 cm by 40 cm.



I have put up so many pictures trying to see if any of them do justice to the real thing. Well I would say not quite! The real thing is so much better!

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  1. Replies
    1. Its really very good innovative work!Liked it very much.

  2. Now that is turning a negative into a positive. Lovely work.

  3. Очень интересный букет!!!!

  4. Hi Nupur, this is awesome and I love the weaved Vase!!

  5. Wow!! Really imaginative and creative...... Best wishes......


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