Friday, July 29, 2011

Birthday card

It was my husband's B'day in June and I had to make a quilling card that was radically different from all my previous work. I started looking for ideas and found my inspiration from Suzana's work. This is my best work so far and the card looks much more stunning than the pictures.

 Here I folded an A4 paper into thirds and decorated the front with cutting out the paper. I used the heart shape that I have described in my previous post and inserted it in the heart shape that I had cut out from the card.
In this closeup of the top part, the open coils just follow the contour of the card and I love the pink circles supporting these open coils adding transparency to the card. The three brightly colored fringed flowers add a very beautiful touch.
The bottom part is finished with a increasing fan fold quilled strip and two open coils.

Some random quilling

I like to try out different quilling techniques and just make random quilling shapes when I have time. Here are snaps of a few of my experimental quilled pieces.

I tried this technique using the tutorial for rosettes posted by Suganthi here.
For this piece, I used a double sided colored paper and folded the paper less than half lengthwise to show the two colors.

  Then I continued with the fan fold and pinching at the centre to create the rosette. Please excuse the lack of neatness as this was just the trial for technique.
 Trying out some lettered quilling!
I am very fond of Suganthi's blog and follow the updates reqularly. Here are some experiments with the combing technique  demonstrated here.
 Converted the pieces made using the combing technique into flowers. The 2 flowers in the centre are made using the looping method.
I like crimped strip quilling as it gives a very stunning effect. But since I lack a crimping tool, I zigzag folded the strips to create the crimped effect.
Some experimental quilling with open loops. Open loops are so simple to make and produce such a beautiful few flowing effect!
A heart made using the open loops/coil quilling.

Spiral Card

I wanted to try something new. So I took 8 strips of different colors and glued them together at one end and rolled them together basically with a toothpick as the slot of the quilling tool was not appropriate for so many strips together. I let the other ends of the strips fan out and finished the ends by quilling open loops. Now for the assembly on a card. Here I used some checked gift wrapping paper for the border and stuck 4 double colored fringed flowers. I use self cut strips for all my work and for this piece, I have also colored the strips myself.

Flowers with a butterfly card

It was our friend's daughter's B'day and I needed to prepare a card for her at a very short notice, basically I had 10 minutes. I had some flowers lying around that I had made using the twisted loop technique demonstrated by the very talented quiller Suganthi. Her tutorial for this technique can be found here.

I had a butterfly also lying around that I had quilled some time ago. So basically in 10 minutes I assembled this card.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

An engagement card

In my first post, I had posted food labels for a dear friend's son's engagement party. Here is the card that I had made for the engaged couple.

This is one of my favorite cards. The border with alternating colors quilling strips adds a very professional touch to the card. The theme for the party for black and pink with the couple dressed in these colors. The card here follows the same color theme.
The golden rings in the middle highlight the exchanging of rings.

Music in the air

I made this card for my son's class teacher's B'day. He is fond of music so some music notes here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a flower!

Here's another upload on the catching up series.

Here I tried some experiments with the layout. Square on square with a zagged border on the smaller square.
I specially like the bell flowers although the flower in the center could be a bit larger to balance. The decorations on the corners are cute.

Catching up!

I plan to keep my blog more up to date with posting the new works on the blog the same day I make them. But to do that I want to clear the backlog first. So in the next few posts I will upload pictures of all quilling cards I have made so far.

Party Time!

I made this card for a family friend turning 70.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some creations

These are some of the creations I have made over the past 3-4 months.
Quilled Creations is a great site for new quillers to work on quilling skills and technique using the inspirations for layout and design of skilled quilling artists.

 I was looking for ideas for a card for a child and liked this design which I found here. This is my attempt.

 This is a simple cute design that I found here and couldn't resist trying out.

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