Friday, March 15, 2013

My 3D quilling homework

I have been looking at such beautiful 3 dimensional quilling pieces on the internet and I had to give it a try. The pictures I present here of the quilling pieces are done by me but in no way my original creations. They are just reproductions of the tutorials I have followed to help me get an understanding of 3 dimensional quilling.

Some quilling miniature plants in pots.

These flowers look so adorable. They are slightly bigger than the pinhead shown in the picture.

I followed the tutorial by Tammy on YouTube at this link.

 The cactus are really simple to make. But they look like real. Again Tammy's tutorial at this link.

A scale to show their real size.

And a quilled cute little piglet!

I found the tutorial for this cute little piglet on the internet. I had made it a long time ago and only took its picture now. I think it was on Pritesh's blog,  And now when I am trying to look for the tutorial again, I just cannot find it.
You would surely not want to miss a peek at its sqiggly tail!

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  1. hey those are pretty visit my blog

  2. this piglet is so adorable...loved its visit my blog and have a look at my quilled creations.


  3. Great works!!
    I am a beginner and really got inspired by these creations.
    Few of my works in last 6 months I have put in
    Please take a look.


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