Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Mother's day!

As I have been away from blogging almost the whole of last year, I have missed out on posting my creations for all the occasions that we celebrated. It has been a year of the milestones. First it was my younger son's landmark B'day where he entered the teens, our 20th marriage anniversary, my father turning 70 this Jan and then in Feb my son turned 18, an adult. Of course there were other occasions for which I made cards as well, that being my hubby's B'day, my mum's B'day, the Diwali when my husband was travelling and so I hid a Diwali card in his suitcase for him to open on the Diwali day. and of course the card that my husband made for me on my B'day. This was the first time ever that he had himself made a card and it was so artistic!

In the next few posts I will be posting all of these cards from last year, but today being Mother's day in UAE, I will post the card I made for my mother and couriered it to her in India last year. As my parents had not seen my work in actual other than in pictures until now, my mother's reaction was "Oh my God, its beautiful!"

So here are the pictures of the card.

 Flowers for mother on a sunny day!

A close up of the quilled H and B.
 I made each flower by sticking together two 15 cm strips, one red and one white, passing the glued strip through the crimpler and quilling it into a teardrop. The double colour gives a beautiful shaded effect when you tilt the card up and down.

The grass is made just by folding paper in zigzag fashion and the leaves are hand folded  to give a double effect.
The ladybird is a sticker.
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  1. This is really cute.


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