Friday, July 29, 2011

Some random quilling

I like to try out different quilling techniques and just make random quilling shapes when I have time. Here are snaps of a few of my experimental quilled pieces.

I tried this technique using the tutorial for rosettes posted by Suganthi here.
For this piece, I used a double sided colored paper and folded the paper less than half lengthwise to show the two colors.

  Then I continued with the fan fold and pinching at the centre to create the rosette. Please excuse the lack of neatness as this was just the trial for technique.
 Trying out some lettered quilling!
I am very fond of Suganthi's blog and follow the updates reqularly. Here are some experiments with the combing technique  demonstrated here.
 Converted the pieces made using the combing technique into flowers. The 2 flowers in the centre are made using the looping method.
I like crimped strip quilling as it gives a very stunning effect. But since I lack a crimping tool, I zigzag folded the strips to create the crimped effect.
Some experimental quilling with open loops. Open loops are so simple to make and produce such a beautiful few flowing effect!
A heart made using the open loops/coil quilling.
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