Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jewellery Box

I was thinking of making a utility item using quilling and thought of trying out with a little jewellery box. Initially I had thought of using a box as a mold and quill over it but then decided to use more solid shapes of quilling paper to create the box.

I used around 110 strips of 30 cm length to make this box. I started with making a circular rim with 21 tight coils. To make the walls, I again used light coils but as this paper was thinner than the base rim, I pushed the circles into tight ovals and glued over the base rim. I created the wall with 7 layers of circles. To make the base of the box, I used a combination of tight and loose coil shapes. The centre piece is a tight coil painted in bronze colour.

For the lid, I again started with a circular rim of tight coils. I lined the inside of this circular rim with two 6 mm strips that were flush on the outside but protruding on the inside. The reason for this is to make the lid fit snugly on the box without sliding off. For the handle knob, I joined a 4 cm long and 6 mm wide strip with a 30 cm long, 3 mm wide strip and made a tight coil. On the protruding centre, I glued on a paper bead /ball and painted the base and the bead into bronze colour.

And here are some pictures of how the box turned out. You can see that the paper appears wet as I covered it with varnish last night and that is still drying up.

The finished box.

A peak at the inside.

Top view of the inside.

The lid from the inside showing the protruding rim.

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