Saturday, June 13, 2015

Market in Stockholm

This is a long overdue post and finally as promised, here is an update from my stall in Kungsträndgården in the heart of Stockholm. It was a fantastic day with hoards of crowd pouring in to enjoy the India day, with yoga, cultural activities, food and things to buy.

This is the picture of my table.Notice the sign at the upper right corner of the picture?


I loved making this sign. I had some real boxes and brochures stuck to the board and a real necklace and earrings made with paper also on the board. Quite a few people were attracted to my stall looking at this board as it highlighted the recycling concept of my handmade jewelley and you could see the fascination in their faces.

I had my tools and beads out too as I was also doing the demo of how I make my jewellery.

I also had made my own display for jewellery using an old box, toilet rolls and some cloth. I found the jewellery hanger in a thrift shop. The paper beads jewellery and paper jhumkas on display.

Some more paper bead earrings and quilling earrings. These were a colourful array of paper bead earrings and a crowd puller and quite a hit. I had then with gold, silver and copper wires.

My paper bead bracelets. again these were very loved and the display is self made with kitchen towel cardboard rolls and cloth covering them.

Some of the sets that I had made and on sale. 

It was a great experience and an amazing feeling to see the love and respect for handmade products here in Stockholm.

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