About Me

My name is Nupur. I am a Telecommunication Engineer by education, a Software Architect by profession and a paper craft lover by passion. People spend their whole life looking for a passion but luckily for me I seem to have found mine.

Modular Origami found me during the Christmas vacations of 2008 and after folding hundreds of modular origami models, I discovered quilling in 2010. The simple beauty of the intricate paper coils swept me off my feet and set me on a mission of discovering, learning and adopting this art.

I have always been fascinated with paper and what one can do with it. You see a glossy magazine or an ad pamphlet in your hand. I see a beautiful jewellery set matching my dress in that. You are taking out the paper and food cartons garbage out for dumping. I am eager to take it from you and make a beautiful bracelet out of it. I love to recycle waste paper into beautiful pieces of art and jewellery.

As a child I used to watch wide eyed with admiration as my father would bind all mine and my sisters new school books before the schools opened after the summer holidays. He would use all recycled material collecting card boards from wholesale cloth vendors, cloth strips from my mother's sewing box, paper from newspaper and glossy ones from magazines with appropriate pictures to suit the topic of the book. I would carry those books proudly with me the whole year, glad to see that they remained new and un-torn ready to be passed on to the new children entering my old class. I would impatiently wait for the summer holidays to end when I could get the new books and perform the book bonding ritual. When I turned 12, I started eagerly helping my father in the binding process. I still look back to those hot summer days engrossed in this activity that unknowing taught me much more than just the technique.

Busy in studies, I would still always find time to make cards for my family and friends on their special occasions. During my Engineering hostel days, no Birthday celebration was complete without my Donald Duck and Mickey cards. I sent 27 cards, all unique and different to my would be husband when he turned 27. He still has those preserved in an album.

After marriage, children, and the mechanical life of office and home, my passion was hidden under layers of other responsibilities. It would surface once in a while in starfish shaped breads and car or alien shaped gift tags for birthday parties my kids went to. But mainly it was lying there somewhere deep down forgotton and lost.

And then amazingly my passion found me! In the form of origami and quilling. Both the arts excite and satisfy me at the same time and make me feel alive. When I am doing origami or quilling, I am totally absorbed and engrossed in the task. Its as relaxing as meditation.

I have a logical mind and can think out of the box and am able to come up with original designs to suit any occasion. Be it making personalized birthday cards, anniversary cards, invitations, marriage cards, engagement cards, gift tags or business cards, I take custom orders for all occations.

I also take quilling classes at various levels of difficulty. Right from teaching basic technique to beginners, I also teach advanced techniques for more experienced quillers.

You can contact me for more details by writing a comment on this post and I will respond to your queries.

Best Regards and Happy Browsing,

Nupur Bhatia
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