Friday, December 12, 2014

Here and now : Quilling jhumkas

Continuing on with the paper jewellery series, here are some jhumkas that I made. I have a lot of quilling strips lying around that I had cut using the paper shredder and what better way to use them than making the jhumkas!

When I had first started paper quilling, I had always used hand cut strips cut using either the knife, the scissors or the paper trimmer as pre cut paper strips were not available in Sweden. When I got hold of a hand paper shredder, it was a luxury and I could cut down my strips cutting down the preparation time of 15 min to a few seconds! How thrilled I was with my shredder and kept on shredding paper of different colours much more than what I could use. So that is the source of my stack. Now that I have easy access to pre cut strips, I don't like to use the shredded ones because they look ugly to me now with their jagged edges. But they are fine in a tight coil and after making the tight coil, I sand paper the coil to give it a smooth finish. So that is the story behind the creation of these jhumkas.

I have more strips lying around and will get around to making matching pendents for the jhumkas soon!

A lovely combination of white, black, peach, red and yellow paper strips. There is a golden glitter painted edge at the base.  I like the paper to be clearly visible instead of covering it up with colour and hiding the beautiful paper colours and texture. I have to say that the picture is not doing justice to  the original piece. The jhumka  has been  completed with some pearls, class beads and multi coloured gems bead separator.
This is a piece that I love. With its light green, pink and white stripes and complementing beads, the jhumka is a beauty. The base has black acrylic paint stripes.
 And the hidden beauty is the little bells under the jhumka that shyly peeks out and makes a really tiny bell sound.

With yellow and green stripes it is a nice bright  combination. The base is a grid with glitter paint. I piece that I experimented on but not perfected.

This one is with pre-cut store bought blue strips. Here I mainly used blue strips with a little bit of black strips to give a break in the blue and painted the circles. Here I was experimenting with my newly bought Fevicryl 3D outliners and the glitter outliner.
If you find my work inspiring and create something similar, please quote my work and blog in your post. I would also appreciate if you leave a comment. All budding artists do need a pat on the back! Thanks for visiting!

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