Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Here and Now: Quilling and paper bead earrings

I have been busy making a lot of paper jewellery and here are the pictures.

Quilling Earrings

Vortex quilling with half pearls.
 Vortex quilling with rhinestones.
A quick flower with acrylic painted centre.
 Yellow and orange flower with a tiny blue fringed bud in the centre.

Paper bead earrings

Blue paper beads made using white paper coloured with blue permanent marker pen. The flower at the base is a punched out flower from a flattened soft drink can. I have a used a blue crystal bead and silver bead separators to finish the earrings.
Again a paper bead made by colouring white paper with blue permanent markers. Note the difference in the bead pattern. I will come up with a tutorial later to show how this difference can be achieved by colouring differently using the same supplies. At the base I have enclosed pearls in wire spirals and the ear hook is also made from scratch using nicrome wire.
A dainty piece made with blue and green 3 mm quilling strips rolled into tight coils. The tiny red separator bead in between the blue and green paper beads is recycled from an old rakhi. The pearl at the base is again enclosed in copper wire and the ear piece is hand made.
 Acrylic painted with pearl pink, the paper beads are an inch long. I painted the glitter line before rolling and realized that it is not a good idea. Learning for my next piece! The other beads are again recycled rakhi tit bits and the eye pin and ear piece and both handmade.
A lovely coloured green bead covered with wire. I love the shape of this bead. It is a saucer bead but not quite at flat as the ones in this post. Actually I made these at the same time when I was experimenting to get the saucer shaped beads. I am currently planning a paper bead tutorial in my head and there will be a post for this soon.

If you find my work inspiring and create something similar, please quote my work and blog in your post. I would also appreciate if you leave a comment. All budding artists do need a pat on the back! Thanks for visiting!

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