Saturday, November 15, 2014

Coming Back

My last post was more than one and a half years ago. I have not stopped creating during this time... its just that so much was happening and then a big mental block set in. But now I am finally breaking this block and coming back.

During this time, we moved from Dubai to India. From here, my son left for University to UK and I was in Sweden for 3 months with my work. Came back to India but soon got caught with my father's health and surgery. And then life just kept on moving with my poor blog neglected but always at the back of my mind.

During this time I have continued with quilling and also tried my hand at stamping and heat embossing. I made a lot of cards using a mix of these both techniques along with punching. I tried a couple of dolls with 3D quilling. I also experimented with paper beads, pottery painting and am now learning the technique of jewellery making. My tools are still in post and I am eagerly awaiting their arrival. In the meantime I have made some quilled jewellery pieces. There is so much to learn and discover and time seems short.

But from now on I intend to share more and bring my blog back to life again. I plan to post once everyday as my high end goal but on the low end at least 2 posts in a week. My intention is to post what I am currently creating as well as catch-up with my creations of the past one and a half year.

My current posts will start with the title 'Here and Now:' and my old creation posts will start with 'Catching-Up:'.

So my dear readers, Thrilling Quilling is back now and looking forward to interacting with you again!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Zoe! Looking forward to reconnecting with you!

  2. Welcome back Nupur !! You were missed !!!

  3. Glad you chose to come back. I often forget about my blog too for months at a time. Not because I am as busy as you have been , just because I have so many different crafts going on. Knitting, crocheting, learning to paint pictures ( will be posted on my blog later today), making cards, quilling, and finding even more crafts I want to try on Pinterest lol
    Have a wonderful Sunday


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