Thursday, April 4, 2013

18th Birthday card

My son turned 18 this February. Now that is a landmark birthday! So I had to make something special for him. After raking my brain endlessly, I came up with this idea...

18 signifies legal adulthood. You are bestowed with a lot of rights: the right to drive, the right to vote, the right to signing all contracts without needing a guardian authorization, the right to a lot of good things as well as the right to legally pursue a lot of vices as drinking, smoking and gambling. So crossing the age of 18 opens up a special door, a door where he is legally allowed to make his own decisions. So basically at 18 you are provided with a key to a lot of rights.

My idea for the card was decided then. I wanted to make a key for him with the number 18 on it and a door that leads to freedom. I wanted to give him the message as Spiderman has said, "WITH GREAT POWERS COME GREAT RESPONSIBILITY" As my son's dream is to pursue law after completing his school this year, I wanted to write the message for him in a legal sounding language containing the gist of Spiderman's message.

When I told my quilling student whose son is 16 (now she is a dear friend) of my idea, she said she is getting goosebumps listening to the idea.

So much for the idea! Now on to the execution! This is the card that I have come up with.

I have used golden and black strips for the complete work. The shaft of the key is made by rolling a wider strip and then rolling it in golden paper. The letters FREEDOM are quilled with golden paper. All the text is written in free hand. The chain is quilled with 1.5 mm golden paper. I didn't want to glue the key down to the card, so I created a casing for the key where it can rest. My son can take the key in hand when opening the door that leads to adulthood. Of-course the key is connected to a key chain that is glued to the card so he won't loose the key!

Dear reader, you can be the judge if the idea was executed in a good way or not.


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