Sunday, March 25, 2012

A beautiful day

I felt like making raindrops. That's how this card was born! I first made a lot of raindrops. Tiny little teardrops with intricate coils visible. Then I thought I needed an umbrella to protect myself from the rain. And of course the rain needs some clouds to originate from. So clouds it had to be! And even though it was raining, I wanted it to be a bright day with the sun shining out of the clouds. And when rain and sun mix together, a rainbow is not far off. And to complete the picture, I placed a bright little toadstool growing and glistening  in the rain. And to give it a picture perfect finish, I placed all the elements on a butterfly background card! So after a lot of description, here is the card!

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  1. lovely card dear..especially the mushroom and the rain drops!



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