Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine theme cards

February comes with love in the air! There are love songs and romantic movies coming on TV. All jewellery suddenly takes the shape of hearts. There are heart balloons and chocolates in heart shaped boxes available in the malls. And what better way to express all this love than quilling cards. I have been making a few of them and am posting them here.

I had first made this card last year for my friend's son who was getting engaged. I have recreated it now and am very happy with the result. I specially love the rings in between. A remarkable improvement in my own work over the past year. I feel proud!

 I love the simplicity and crispness of this card!

 Say it with bugs...

 and butterflies!

 Why should the frogs stay behind?
Specially the cute ones!

 And when they do hop into each others hearts, their heart becomes one!
How cute they look!

 It has always bee..n the mystery of the flowers and the bees.

 So to solve this mystery lets sail together to the end of the world. May the sun shine on us and the stars guide us in the night.
The boat is strong and sturdy to bear all the storms of the journey together.

 Back from the journey its time to brew some tea with love...

 And you are still as cozy to me as a cup of tea!
You are indeed my cup of tea...

 And when memory fades we are still each others!
 You can say it with roses...
Even the tiny ones sing out their love!

 You are and will remain till eternity in my heart!

U R in my heart!

Thanks for visiting this journey of love!


  1. Amazing quilling. I m surely gonna try ur kind of quilled birds. I too made few. Do check it out.The turtle and the ring is just perfect. LOve ur work.

  2. Lovely Nupur...i just came across ur site and found it lovly. Whr do u get the designs from?ur own or from any other reference? Lemme know pls.


Thanks for your comment. I appreciate and value each one of them.

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