Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Paper bead jewellery sets

I love to wear my paper bead jewellery with pride when ever I am meeting friends. Recently I wore this set to a party and when talk got around to my unique jewellery, I explained that the beads were made with a recycled cornflakes box. In this era of recycling, you can imagine the excitement this created. Everyone wanted to find out how I made it and if I take orders!

So these are the 2 sets that I made with one cornflakes box.

The green and red one was the first one that I tried. I applied the paint after making the beads. It is a bit noisy and loud in color, but not bad for a first try. And with a matching dress it goes quite well.

This is the set that I mentioned in the beginning of the post that I had worn to the party. Here I painted the edges in copper colour before rolling the strips. I have also used semi precious turquoise gemstone beads to complement the paper / cardboard beads. I love the colours here and the royal touch that the turquoise beads are lending.

If you find my work inspiring and create something similar, please quote my work and blog in your post. I would also appreciate if you leave a comment. All artists do need a pat on the back! Thanks for visiting!

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