Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quilling Class / Workshop

I am really looking forward to the Quilling classes I will be taking in collaboration with the local art shop Sticker Souq. If you are interested in learning how to make your own handmade, personalized greeting cards for all those special occasions and amaze the receiver, do join in the workshop and enjoy hands-on learning in a relaxed and fun environment. For all details on the course, prices and registration, visit the website or contact me via my email.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

More business cards

I have been making more business cards and this time I tried with 1.5mm quilling strip width.

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A beautiful day

I felt like making raindrops. That's how this card was born! I first made a lot of raindrops. Tiny little teardrops with intricate coils visible. Then I thought I needed an umbrella to protect myself from the rain. And of course the rain needs some clouds to originate from. So clouds it had to be! And even though it was raining, I wanted it to be a bright day with the sun shining out of the clouds. And when rain and sun mix together, a rainbow is not far off. And to complete the picture, I placed a bright little toadstool growing and glistening  in the rain. And to give it a picture perfect finish, I placed all the elements on a butterfly background card! So after a lot of description, here is the card!

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Fun of trying something new

I like the idea of combining quilling with other craft ideas. So this is an experiment in the same lines. I have used different coloured base as the card and tried some quilling on it.

I had not preconceived the outcome and the card just progressed itself step by step with each step providing inspiration for the next. I like the color combination and the simplicity of design.

I tried the same pattern for base as above but stuck to the black and white theme instead. Here I experimented with the white on black and black on white theme but probably ended up making it look too crowded. Added    some green to break the monotony.

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Birthday Cards

I am so excited that I will be taking quilling classes at our local craft store. I had a demo session and it went very well so keeping my fingers crossed for the actual classes.

To inspire my students and give them ideas, I have been making a few quilling cards which I will place in the shop. I have used the general theme of Birthday Card.

 A strawberry cake! I enjoyed making the candles.
 So many balloons! Must be a birthday!
 I tried some embossing using using stencils.
Another balloon card.

I have loads of fringed flowers lying around and wanted to use them. I got the inspiration for this card from here.

Another valentine card

I had been meaning to write in my blog since so long but somehow hasn't happened till now. One of the reasons is that I have been reading so much about copyright infringement and since I have not watermarked my images before, I hesitated in posting my original ideas. Of course we are all looking for inspiration in fellow quillers work but there is true pleasure only in being original. Any when we do copy on rare occasions, the correct thing to do is to give the well deserved credit to the originator of the idea.

That was a lot of philosophy. To get practical, I have experimented with watermarking and so in this and the coming posts I will post all the backlog I have collected in the last few days. To start with here is another valentine card. and this one I had made for my husband which he proudly keeps at his bed side table!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


And finally here are pictures from the much awaited ARTE Souk. What an experience it was! From arranging the stall to what customers are looking for, it was a learning all through. I got a lot of appreciation for my work and specially from people who have been doing quilling themselves. People appreciated my work, the designs and neatness and the colour combinations. Kids specially would come stand looking at all the creations and then pull their parents to the stall begging to buy something. One cute little girl of 5 something opened her little purse and bought a gift tag with help from her little older brother in selecting the tag she bought! All in all I had a great time and got some orders and contacts. Here are some snaps from the exhibition.

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Business Cards

Preparing for the exhibition, I needed business cards. But these had to be unique and personalized. So instead of going out to a business card vendor, I decided to make them myself from scratch. I searched for a printable business card template, fed in my details and printed out the cards. Once I had the cards all cut, I started with the process of personalizing them. Here is the result.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday card for my teenager son

Today my son turns 17. Here is the card I made for him. Hope he likes it.

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