Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY Quilling tools

An artist's delight are her tools. Whenever I enter a craft shop, I tell my family to go and do whatever errands they want to do at the mall so that I can enjoy browsing through all the wares at the shop. I would always end up spending most of my time at the tools section. But quilling is such a new art for so many craft shops, that I hardly found the things that I was looking for in the shops in Sweden.

After coming to Dubai, I have been searching on the net to find places where I can find quilling paper, quilling comb, paper crimpler, and so many other tools but have not been successful till now. Well that doesn't really stop an artist, does it? So I have been a bit creative and here are the results.

This is my very own paper crimpler and it gives beautiful results just like a professional paper crimpler. And all it took was 9 pieces from my son's Logo box!
I am so proud of myself!

Soon I will be posting the results of using my brand new tool.

Quilling needs glue but you need to maintain a fine balance. Too much glue will smudge your fine delicate work and ruin it. I had always looked at special glue bottles on the net but never found them in Sweden. So this is what I had created a few months back. It has served me loyally and helped me in so many of my projects giving me control over how much glue I want.
I made the glue bottle with a used hair coloring bottle. I cut the tip slightly and capped it with a 0.5mm lead pencil head.

And I seal the bottle with a pearl head pin and keep it inverted so that it is always ready to dispense just that tiny droplet to make neat projects.

 Here's another slotted quilling tool that I have made with the only difference that it does not have a slot!

Its just a fine needle inserted into the tip of a lead pencil and VIOLA, I have a quilling tool ready!

It was fun sharing my creative tools.! Hope you enjoyed reading and also found the tips useful.
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