Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quilled 18th Birthday Card

Our family friend's daughter was turning 18 this February. I had to make something special for her and so after almost 8 months of being dormant, I took out my quilling tools. The camera picture does not do justice to the work. The framed effect really did wonders for the getup of the card. I used very basic coils for the flowers and used the colours at hand. A good learning step!

My first ever quilling card

My sister introduced me to quilling last spring when she showed me gift labels with gorgeous quilling flowers. I knew right then that I had to try this technique. With a quick search in the ocean of internet, I learned the basics of the technique. For my first attempt, I locked my imagination in a box and decided to rely on existing samples on the internet. I took a simple design that I liked from and  made a card for my husband's birthday. He cherishes it and always has it on his bedside table.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Food Labels Dessert

The dessert for lip smacking and the cards were well appreciated.

One thing that I have learned though is that the cards need to be of a much steadier material or they should be held in a metal card holder to prevent tipping over in all the rush to grab food..

The Kulfi card has the spring wild flowers including the yellow flower that is made with a different technique. Instead of creating coils, I have folded the paper strip in a zigzag fashion and brought together the edges and collecting one side in the centre.

These are the dessert cards.

Food Labels Main course

The engagement party was a huge success. My cards were appreciated a lot along with the delicious food. In fact another friend asked me to make more cards for her to take for a marriage of a close relative that she would attend in India.

Continuing with the theme of black and pink, I made these 15 cards for the main course. It was fun experimenting with the designs, colours and layout. My favourites are the ones for Sambar, Idli/Vada, Dahi Vada, and Palak Saag.

These are the main course cards.

Food Labels Starters

My dear friend's son is getting engaged and for the occasion my friend is giving out a grand party for 150 guests with loads of food and fun. Knowing my artistic bend, my friend assigned me the task of making label cards with the name of the dish being served. This was a great opportunity for me to legally spend time on my new found hobby of quilling. Continuing with the theme of black and pink, I made these 25 cards. (My friend had an exhaustive menu!) It was a lot of experimenting and I let my imagination run. I would pick up a card and just come up with the design on the fly. I have used self cut strips.

These are the cards for the starter menu.


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